Friday was not a good day. Pappas woke up demanding things, my car wouldn’t start, my dryer isn’t working and the house is in disarray. Whats a mom to do?

I decided to call my husband (he is working on the East Coast for the next few weeks) not that he could help much but I definitely needed to vent. He did end up helping by making those dreaded phone calls to car repair shops and car rental places.

As for myself I  made a cup of coffee, sat down, and tried not to have a meltdown.  Coffee drank , meltdown avoided I was ready to call AAA and deal with the matter of the car, the dryer would just have to wait. Needless to say my morning was lost, not only was I unable to run my errands it put me way behind in my Sabbath prep.

I learned a few things and I thought I would share. I am not as nearly prepared as I need to be. From now on the Boy Scout motto will be mine.

Always Be Prepared

Now I know always having a casserole or similar in the deep freezer is a must. Since I have no microwave defrosting meat at the last moment is not an option. Thankfully, I had a Vegetable Stouffers Lasagna in the freezer. It literally saved the night and allowed us to have a decent meal. I wish I would have also had some frozen Challah, since I didn’t I used this bread machine recipe instead. One loaf of Challah is better than none.

I am so thankful I was able to dig up some candles, they were just plain tapers but they allowed us to eat in candlelight. This was a close call I basically “lucked out”,  I will keep candles on my weekly shopping list from here on out.

Having only one cloth tablecloth for Sabbath is a no-no I now realize. Since mine was dirty and the dryer is not working properly I was unable to set the table in a way pleasing to me. So I was stuck using one of the cheap plastic tablecloths from Wal-Mart. I will be ordering another tablecloth and/or nice place mats soon.

With time running short only the basic cleaning got done, this was almost as bad as not cleaning as the temptation to clean kept taunting me.. Note to self: Sabbath cleaning should start on Wednesday.

Even though the day was fraught with chaos the Sabbath came and I was able to relax and let the stress bleed off of me. Thinking back I was able to see the silver lining in the craziness, it made me appreciate the Sabbath even more. The Sabbath is to be cherished and this coming year I want to make it a top priority to sanctify it.