Hello, I’m Lydia. Mom of 6 (4 still live at home) and still getting used to that blessing. I started motherhood in my teens and now am a grandmother. No doubt you have heard of the cat with nine lives. Well, I am its biggest fan. After traveling a rough road I came out on the other side of sanity. Since I have plenty of time on my hand am crazy, I thought I would start a blog about my life, here and now.

The Cast


Turbine Man and Myself



Big Head aka Big Head is now a strapping boy of 15


The Boy aka Pappas is now 13

The Boy aka Pappas is now 13



The Girl aka Stinky Toe is now 13



Ma aka Motor Mouth is now 11


Besides recording the everyday family stuff I also blog on these topics.

Special Needs Parenting

Two of my boys struggle with autism from different ends of the spectrum, plus other special needs. I share my struggles with home schooling them and being the mom of a son with epilepsy.


I suffer with Motility Disorders and Iron Deficiency Anemia. I have found that eating a low-FODMAPs diet causes me the least distress .  Due to Adult Onset Allergies I follow a yeast and nut free diet. I am a huge fan of eating a more plant-based diet supplemented with fish and the occasional poultry. A relatively new convert to walking and workouts, I plan on adding pilates to my exercise routine real soon.


As a computer enthusiast, I move between Linux, Windows and Mac on a regular basis. An avid proponent of cross-platform software and open source, I am becoming increasingly platform agnostic. I love discovering new apps and cloud technologies. .


I follow the Noahide laws. See my About page.