I am sure you have heard it before, someone giving you the advice that as moms  we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of the kids. Like me I am sure you know it to be true but rarely invest the time into yourself. Well it took having 6 kids to finally get a clue. Here I am 26 yrs later and I am finally starting to put some effort into self-care.

Here are the things that have benefited me greatly and I will be continuing to do in 2017.

Lemon Water

So refreshing. Lots of health benefits and it has helped me break a horrible habit of drinking 4 plus cups of coffee a day. I only have my morning cup now.


I have always struggled with gut issues and these have helped me heal.

Daily Walk

There is no denying that i could stand to lose a good 30 pounds, that however is not why I walk daily. I actually walk because it gives me more energy, allows me to sleep better and helps me stay calmer through the day.

No Whites

Replacing the white flour products in my diet with the whole wheat version, has helped me to maintain my weight not lose but not gain either, I am also less bloated and remain fuller longer.


In bed by 10 pm with the lights and technology turned off. To function I need sleep and plenty of it! Dealing daily with the care of two special needs boys can be draining. I must refuel nightly. When things are totally insane I try to fit in a nap.

Early to Rise

Cultivating the habit of not just waking but being out of bed by 5 most mornings has transformed my days. I am able to drink a cup of coffee, spend some time focusing on self-care, eating, and praying in quiet.


This one seems like a no brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times I have skipped taking a shower, combing my hair or  shaving  either because I was so rushed and didn’t have time or because when I had time I was too tired to care. This habit depends a lot on the habit above. Arising early allows me to have that self-care time. I have now fallen into the habit of taking a 20 minute morning bath. What a luxury it is the small things really do matter.