Getting Started With A Morning Routine

The key to a successful morning routine is partial based on a good night-time routine. I believe this to be true, but even without an evening routine your mornings can be successful.

Most people tend to focus on creating their morning routines first as it seems the most logical place to start. I am most people. Until I got a morning routine in place I didn’t realize what I needed to do in the evenings to make my mornings run smoother.

A morning routine is basically a set of tasks you do every morning to successfully start your day. From dressing to wiping down the bathroom. Some have no chores as part of their routine instead focusing of self-care by exercising, journaling and even prayer time. Being a mom I tend to have  many chores built into my morning routine.

Over the years I have tried everything from Flylady, Just Mommies, and Motivated Moms to keep me on track. As with most things it best to not follow blindly but to tweak things to fit your lifestyle.

I liked Motivated Moms the best and choose to use her list as a base for mine. What I found works best for me is the daily list used docket style. I add in my must dos and list of to-dos. I have a section for calls I need to make along with emails and bills I need to tend to.

I vary my morning routines depending on the boys schedules and moods. I am usually able to switch over to crisis mode at a moments notice. In times of insanity my numero uno rule is to do the basics and let the rest go.



In the mornings I bathe, brush my teeth and get dressed.


Prayer often seems the first to go when life gets hectic, I don’t understand why when it is the most important thing we need. Daily I say the morning blessings using the book Service From The Heart (pages 1-5), twice a week I also recite the morning prayers using the Brit Olam prayer book (pages 30-47).


I need  caffeine to get my engine roaring. ‘Nuff said.


No matter how hectic things get I make time for at least a snack, going without food is not good. I tend to get easy irritated and to start to feel sluggish and drained without a little something in my tummy.

Wash Dishes

There is nothing worse than waking up to a nasty kitchen or trying to cook in one. I keep my sink filled with dish water during the day and wash as I go.

Make My Bed

Almost as bad as a dirty kitchen, is finishing my day up getting ready to relax only to find that I need to take time to make my bed.


I throw in at least a load of laundry so if everything tanks that day I  have one less load of laundry to tackle on wash day. Even if the clothes don’t get folded they are clean.

Doing these things usually helps me start me day off on the right foot and lead to a more successful day.