In my home I have chosen to buy only kosher meat when shopping at the grocery stores or non kosher meats from the locally owned farms around me where I know the animal is dead before being slaughtered. I am lucky to live in farm country so to speak– the heart of the Midwest– so I have that option. I have chosen to do this as not to transgress the law.

I do not keep a kosher kitchen nor do I want or feel the need to. I am aware of some Noahides who do, but that is not required of us. As a house of former vegans and pescetarians, we now consume fish (including shellfish) and poultry occasionally, I might prepare a cut of beef for the holidays, rarely, but it has been known to happen. Pork is a no-go.

Like I said none of this is a requirement of the Noahides, it’s a little extra that I chose to take on so I could feel comfortable in the knowledge that I am not transgressing the law.