I am a wife, mother, and geek all rolled into one. A recent convert to healthy living, but not quite obsessive yet. This blog is about my life and much more. I try to write as real as possible. I believe in facing things head on rather than cutting corners. Whether solving difficult computer problems or dealing with the proverbial family issues, I try to keep it real . Hopefully, my efforts will resonate with you the reader.

I am a convert to liberal Judaism (conservative movement) when I found out my conversion was not valid in the eyes of all Jews ( mainly the Orthodox) I was devastated. It sent me into a tailspin. I began to explore every religion angry that I wasn’t legitimate in the eyes of all world Jewry. In and out I pranced– Orthodox Christianity, Bahaism, and Buddhism. I even tried being agnostic for a while. Finally, I could no longer fight the feeling that I was being drawn home to Judaism.

Where did that leave me the illegitimate convert?  Being a convert meant my older group of kids weren’t Jewish, but the younger ones were. I could practice liberal Judaism, but I couldn’t agree with how far away it had moved from traditional Judaism. In essence it was too liberal for me a conservative.

Then there was the fact that my husband (the Catholic) nor my older children had any interest in converting, be it a liberal or Orthodox conversion. I am sure by this time I had actually burnt everyone out on religion in my search for truth. I was angry with myself for a while. I wandered around in no man’s land, then I slowly began to reread the Torah and it dawned on me that I could still use it as my guide. I knew deep in my soul that that was all I yearned to do was to live according to the teachings of the Torah.

While searching one day I stumbled across the term Noahide and the rest as they say is history. Some days I am tempted to return to liberal Judaism knowing how easy it would be. I am often lonely walking this off beaten path, but I choose to trudge along hoping that one day more and more people will chose to walk this path with me.